Hey Boss, Big Butts!

6 Septemper 2013

We had a live crew this afternoon. Brianna set the bar by completing all five rounds of this manhandling WOD. We all chased the rabbit after that. Paz pushed through all 5 RFT with a 25# plate whilst joking with Mr. Aaron Brown. Tip of the hat to you, sirs.


Big ass muscles, as in ass muscles that are big, are sure to ensue. Mind if I ass you a few questions? Try the Big Butt Quiz on WikiHow if you’re killing time. #3 by far is my favorite suggestion. Lulz!

At any rate, good times, baby bouncers and politics were all rolled into one big mashup. Keep it coming, y’all!

Air Show tomorrow capped off with a pyrotechnic display of fire (without the brimstone). What’s on the beatdown menu tomorrow? Pete Mitchell wouldn’t be able to handle it. I tell you what.

7 Sept 2013
30 Sit-ups
3 Ascents


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