Stand Tall Before The Man

26 Sept. 2013


Dave came to us from CrossFit Prevail a while back. My initial contact was over a very typical phone conversation. Typical for a box owner anyway. He called Outpost CrossFit via referral from some nice people out at Prevail, of which he was a prior member. He wanted to know what our pricing and membership was all about. He asked and I pointed out, after asking about his service, our hefty military discount. I remember his steely look when he came in to the box. He was happy to be there yet didn’t know what to expect.

Dave has several tours of duty in his life experience toolbox. He’s deployed to some armpit of the world and seen things you wouldn’t even dream about. But you’d never know that about him. His positive attitude and optimism guide his course. If you ever hope to meet someone in your lifetime that can maintain an open mind and clear bearing he is that guy. He is a great guy to know. Happy Birthday, motherfucker.

27 Sept 2013

WU: 5,5,3 @ 60%
WS: 3,3,3 @ 70,80,90%

BDay WOD “Dave H.”

12 TGU (3/3)
12 KBS


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