Octopus, Man!

9 October 2013


Billy Madison: “What day is it?”
Buddy: “October?”

Yep, in the interest of all things awesome and weird. Octopus. Yeah. ALL are venomous. They have 3 hearts! Shauntea, can you do the math on what my Fran time would be if I had three… no, no, no… two hearts? Thanks! Octopuses are around 90% muscle. You win this time, octopuses (not octopi; that’s incorrect).

Do you even lift, octo-bro?!

Back Squat
5,5,5@ 35%
5,5,5@ 40,50,60

WOD: Row 1500M (3)
2 ascents
2 Muscle ups


What are your thoughts?

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