Gains and Losses

16 October 2013


Anabolism = muscular growth
Catabolism = muscular breakdown

The “anabolic window”, whether myth or not, should be viewed in a more realistic term; the period post-workout in which the depletion of glycogen and amino acids has occurred. There are only 21 of these amino acids. Each the building block of macronutrients (protein). I do have a favorite. Arganine.

Wound healing
Facilitates metabolism protein waste
Precursor to Nitric Oxide (think vasodilators products like NO Explode)
Helping the kidneys remove waste products from the body
Maintaining immune and hormone function

But I digress.

Simply put, glycogen helps to infuse protein into your muscle cells for repair. Consuming food shortly post-WOD maximizes protein uptake (growth).

17 Oct 2013

KB Rows
WU: 5,5,5 @ 15/25#
WS: 12-10-8 @ 25/45

WOD: For Time
Row 1000m (5)
(Work on ascents/DU/HSPU’s)


What are your thoughts?

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