NBA Basketball and Outpost CrossFit

1 December 2013


Click the pic to watch the video!

Badassery was in full effect at the Milwaukee Bucks NBA Basketball game this past Saturday! Awesomeness, hilarity, and few, if any, honest mistakes were made.

First things first, a big congratulations goes out to Dave F on achieving his childhood dream of one day obtaining his CrossFit Level 1 certification! Well, maybe not the childhood part so much but it’s effective.

Secondly and equally as important, Rosi and Dave showcased their WOD killa’ skills, center court, along with other boxes from Wisconsin at the Bucks halftime event! Having the other affiliates such as BrewTown and Badger CrossFit there is what this community is all about. Good times. Great memories. Fast action!Check the vid at our the Outpost CrossFit YouTube Channel!

This week go big or go elsewhere. Oh yah… Buck Furpees!

2 Dec 2012
OHS: 5,5,3 @ 55,65,75%
5,3,1 (+) @ 75,85,95%

WOD: Buck Furpees!
12 of each:
Pull-up Burpees
KB Burpees
Box Jump Burpees
Handstand Burpees


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