Choke Up!

10 December 2013


Artichoke that is! If you’ve never prepared this delicious vegetable, you’ve been missing out.  It’s not a choke, I’m serious! Packed with nutrients and fun to eat, the artichoke is a must for all CrossFitters’ nutrition.  Click the pic for detail.

Step 1: Wash the artichoke in warm water

Step 2: Trim the tips of each leaf and cut down the stem to about an inch and a half long.

Step 3: Boil until a fork can be easily inserted into the stem without resistance.

Step 4: Peel leaf by leaf and scrape the flesh from the point of connection from the leaf with your teeth.

I like to dip mine in melted Ilios Greek Yogurt Butter! Once you get down to the ‘heart’, Be SURE to scrape the spikes off before consuming.  Eat up!

11 Dec 2013

Bench Press
5,5,5 @ 50%
12,10,8 @ 60,70,80%

WOD: 22-16-10
KB Row



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