Getting GASsed: The General Adaptation Syndrome

16 Decemember 2013


We’ve all heard the term “Getting gassed.” As in, “I did way to many reps, I’m so gassed!” or “I didn’t eat well. My energy is low. I’m gassed.” After weeks of intense training new 1 rep maxes and building of new muscle you feel tweaked and motivation is harder to come by. You’d rather sit at home and veg or do a P90X video and pause it half way through the first set. You are fried. The progress you have made is in danger of stalling out. Enter the dreaded plateau.

It is a real thing. In physical training terms, GAS refers to the General Adaptation Syndrome. The theory holds that the body goes through three specific stages in response to stress:

  1. Alarm/Shock
  2. Adaptation/Resistance
  3. Exhaustion

In going through these stages the first two contribute to survival. When you first come into CrossFit we shock your body on a multitude of levels. The adaptation follows after any training session. It takes longer to achieve gains in the more seasoned and well trained athlete. Lastly, the third stage is failure to adapt to the stressor. Simply put, overtraining.

Look for our next Getting GAS’ed post where I will elucidate on the Role of Recovery. Happy Deload week!

17 Dec. 2013

SAQ: Band Runs
Tuck Free Falls

WOD: Fran Lite

5 Negative Pull-ups
5 Plate Thrusters


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