Getting GASsed: Three Phases Explained

18 December 2013

Begin strength and conditioning, ASAP!  Do what motivates you!

Our son, Dino, having fun while getting GASsed!

On Monday’s post “Getting GASsed: The General Adaptation Syndrome” , I covered the three phases that occur from a birdseye view. Today I will take a deep dive into this magnificent and simple theory.

As mentioned there are three phases:

  1. Alarm/Shock
  2. Adaptation/Resistance
  3. Exhaustion


When the body encounters stress, it’s immediate response is alarm or shock. Performance suffers slightly at this phase. The residual effects of the stressor include feeling low on energy or flat, general soreness primarily focused on affected areas (think squats), and lack of flexibility in the affected areas. The stress must increase in seasoned athletes in order to induce the desired shock to move the body out of homeostasis. Which leads us to our next phase: Adaptation/Resistance


This is where the magic of programing applied becomes crucial. Hardcore training induces the bodies resistance to stress. The body begins adopting new chemical and neurological pathways. Your mind and hormones begin to streamline. As well, the body also builds more tissue (muscle) to anticipate the upcoming stress cycle. We told you we can rebuild you at Outpost and we mean it.


This where the proverbial excrement impacts the oscilation. When you have finally hit the wall and can no longer train effectively. Simply, you have OVERTRAINED. When the stressors become to great for the body to adapt adequately it is time to scale back on volume, intensity, and duration of your training cycle.

Gymnastics: Wipers: 10,9,8… 1
Rx’d wipers (hang and tuck) Mod. Russian twist (kb/plate)

5 Ring Push ups
10 OH Lunges (5 L/R, 25/45#)


What are your thoughts?

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