Mental Yoga: Quiet Mind

23 January 2014

Working hard at the box could mean playing hard at work. Besides, you can’t Deadlift your boss. Can you?

Sometimes it’s a real drag to get around town from one spot to the next. Work. School. Training. “Maybe living in another town would be easier.” you may think to yourself. Or some other rational line of thinking to pad yourself from the rough and tumble of the life’s stressors.

Stand still. Pause for 5 seconds. Just five. Focus on an image in your mind. Something familiar. Something simple like a doorknob or a favorite charm. Nothing more. No backgrounds or other objects along with it. It’ll be a challenge at first. You may only succeed at holding the image for 2 seconds. No matter.

One is more than none I always say. Now quiet your mind for 5 seconds. I challenge you to hold that image for 5 seconds in your head everyday for 7 days. Quiet your mind. Peace for 5 seconds. 4… 3… 2… 1.

Let us know how the mental Yoga has worked out for you.

24 Jan 2014

Front Squat
5, 5, 5@40%
5, 5, 5@ 40, 50, 60%

6 Pistols (alternate)
9 Push Ups
6 Ground to Overhead (75/105#)

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  1. thebowandarcher says:

    Love crossfit!


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