We are a Tempel Farms Organics Drop Site!

26 Jan 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 10.58.47 AM

We are very happy to announce our status as a Tempel Farms Organics drop site! We believe in local business, serving our community, and eating clean and healthy.  We want YOU to benefit from those values. Therefore, beginning in June, you can pick up your Community Supported Agriculture share from our facility at 2755 N. Delany Rd.!

If you purchase your share between NOW and March 1st, you will get a $25 discount.  Follow this link to order yours!

After you choose your CSA, on the next screen you are asked to choose your pick-up location.  Choose Waukegan/Wadsworth: Outpost CrossFit! We are very excited to bring you wholesome, healthy food at a convenient location and great price.  Pick up time is FRIDAYS between 4-7pm!

Full Summer Journey, 20 weeks: $615 ($30.75 a week)
Fruit Share, 18 weeks : $350 ($19.45 a week)
Fall Share, 4 weeks: $100 ($25 a week)
Season Long, @24 weeks (Summer, Fruit and Nov: $1005 ($41.75 a week for fruit AND veggies, $75 a week value)

27 Jan 2014

Clean and Jerk
WU: 5-5-3 @40, 50, 60%
WS: 5-5-5 @65, 75, 85%

4 1-legged burpees (alternate)
8 KB Push Press (35/45#)
4 Spinal Balance Push Ups


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