28 January 2014

Do CrossFit.

Do CrossFit.

How much damage is too much damage? Are you grumpy? Is your recovery time lagging? Energy stores depleted and tough to get back up? Well… too much damage. Give yourself time to rest actively. If you are not feeling it then don’t over do it. Go half. Deload. Ask the coaching staff how to deload or modify specifically for your needs. Don’t feel pressured to to do everything everyone in class is doing. Tell your ego to sit this one out. Self-improvement is the name of the game in this house. Sometimes it’s active recovery that will get you to your goals.

29 Januray 2014

Tabata: Ring Rows

WU: 5-5-3 @ 40, 50, 60%
WS: 5-5-5 @ 65, 75, 85%

EMOM 14 Mins
6 KB Swings


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