31 Jan 2014

How often do most of us take our cars in for an oil change? Usually every 3000 miles, whether it needs it or not. Why? Cause it’s habit. You want to take good care of the vehicle that you rely on to transport you, so you make oil changes important enough to be regularly scheduled. Sometimes you go late, but you don’t skip it all together. Before a road trip, most of us take our vehicle in for a tune up. We’ll be asking the car to do a lot of work all at once for an extended duration. And we want it to be fast and strong. Wait- that sounds familiar. Isn’t that how you’d like your body to feel during competition? Oh- and you’re going to the Trodo Games on Feb 22, aren’t you? That’s right!

The question is, have you scheduled any maintenance yet? No? We can help you with that. Ask us how.

1 Feb 2014

Tabata: Wall Balls

6 Pull Unders
16 Sit-up Plate Press (10#)
6 TGU’s


What are your thoughts?

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