6 More Weeks of Winter

2 Feb 2014

Video of Groundhog Phil's official prediction

Video of Groundhog Phil’s official prediction

The groundhog saw his shadow today, scientifically proving there will be 6 more weeks of winter.  Clearly, this prediction is dependable and accurate; seeing as how most meteorologists have the same probability rating with their predictions.  Besides, old men dressed up in tuxes and top hats to hear his prediction.  That makes it important.  I’m going with the Hog.  6 more weeks! 

*Remember: tomorrow morning’s class is at 7:30!!!!* And don’t worry, we’ll talk about the Superbowl tomorrow 😉

3 Feb 2014

Clean and Jerk
WU: 5-5-3 @ 40, 50, 60%
WS: 3-3-3 @ 70, 80, 90%

WOD: Lil’ Jackie
500m Row
25 Thrusters (45/30#)
15 Pull Ups


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