Deep Dive: Pelvic Tilt

10 February 2014

The positioning of the Pelvis is crucial to good posture, going overhead on a lift or in the deadlift position (squat related movements). The Pelvis is like a bowl. You can tip it forward (anterior pelvic tilt) as in sticking your butt out or you can tip it backward  (posterior pelvic tilt aka “The Butt Wink”) as in opening the hip. To increase stability and maximize muscle recruitment patterns at the top of the overhead squat and deadlift positions, slightly tip your pelvis back (open the hip).  You will notice that flexing the mid-line and primarily the abdominal muscles when you are tipping your pelvis back will create a highly stable platform for your heavy lifts.

Points to consider in assessing your pelvis positioning in squat related movements:

  • Is squatting problematic for you because you feel discomfort it in the lower back?
  • Do you tend to lean forward on the balls of your feet when squatting?
  • Do you have trouble deadlift?
  • Do you tend to get a lot of hamstring strains or pulls?
  • Do you often have lower back pain?
  • Do you often have calf cramps or shin splints?

11 February 2014

WOD: 12-10-8
Wall Balls
KB Rows (all L/R)
1 ascent at the end of each Round

What are your thoughts?

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