Big Weekend Bigger Week

23 February 2014


Kendra on one our Cat 2 Teams is bringing it home at the Trodo competition! What an amazing weekend with the athletes from Outpost CF. Hard work and dedication? You betcha! Big heart! Even more so! Athletes, you should be proud. Through crazy work/life schedules, fatigue, and the usual ups and downs we really came together and went all out. Other boxes don’t know what we have because they’re not us. We’re family. Your good day is everyone’s good day! Much love and respect!

Thursday’s Yoga is going to feel SO good!

We’re going just a tad lighter on this hypertrophy cycle. Just a tad. And if you did Trodo this weekend turn down your WOD variables! Train smarter not harder.

24 Feb 2014

C&J 5,5,3@ 40%
12,10,8 @ 45,55,65%

WOD: 19-13-7
Pull-ups (strict)


What are your thoughts?

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