CrossFit App: Make Friends On MyFitnessPal

26 February 2014


Many of you have recently begun using the goal-tracking app “MyFitnessPal” as we suggested. Of course, since it’s not designed specifically with CrossFit in mind, we have some tips to help you make the most of your tracking tool.

Q: How do I get calorie credit for my CrossFit workouts?
A: First – DON’T waste your time trying to log every move you make during class. Instead, wear a heart rate monitor with a calorie counter function for 1 week (minimum of 4 classes) at the box. Track how many calories you burn from the start of class to the end of class and then take an average.

Q: What do I do now that I have averaged my calorie burn for a week?
A: Add a custom exercise. You can do this both on the website and through your mobile app. If you’re on the app, follow this path: My Diary> Add> Cardiovascular. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list. You will see “Create a New Exercise”. Follow the prompts to create your “CrossFit” exercise.

Q: What should I eat?
A: You can choose to eat strict Paleo (recommended), Zone (also recommended), or an all candy diet (shame on you). This app will not tell you what to eat, it simply makes you accountable for what you feed your face. Count everything that passes your palate.

Q: Do I really have to log everything I consume into my diary?
A: Do you really want to meet your goals? Then yes. It’s not so bad. There’s a bar code feature that makes things quick and simple. To find it, choose My Diary> Add> (meal). To the right of the search bar, you will see a barcode. Touch it and the scanner will immediately engage.

Q: How do I set my goals?
A: When you set up your account, you’ll be prompted to enter your goal weight and how much you’d like to lose (or gain) per week. The system automatically sets your nutritional goals. We suggest logging on from a computer to manually adjust all other goals besides calorie intake. Online, log into MyFitnessPal. Under the horizontal tab “Home” choose “Goals”.
*For best results, set your nutritional percentages to 40% Carbs, 30% Protein, 30% Fats

Q: How do I track other stats like inches or body fat percentage?
A: This also must be added online, not through the app. Under the “Home” tab, you will see “Check-in” as the 3rd option to choose. Here you can enter your progress. At the bottom of the list, you will see “Track Additional Measurements”. Click here. Add your stat and begin tracking. This info will now show up on your app under “Progress”.

Q: How do I add a friend?
A: Launch the app. In the action bar a the bottom press Friends>Add a Friend. From there follow the on-screen directions. It’s that easy!

27 Feb 2014

Row 5X500 (5)
(10 Pushups in between sets)

WOD: Tabata This!
Straight Arm Plank
Glute Bridge

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