Early Bird Discount!

27 February 2014


Sign up here for the Early-Bird Discount! Save an additional $25 on these shares if you sign up before March 1st: Full Summer, Summer & Fall and Season-Long shares!

Pick-up Location:
*Waukegan / Wadsworth (Friday 4pm – 7pm)
Outpost CrossFit

By purchasing a share in our CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, we form a relationship with you and you get to know the people who grow your food, thereby continuing a farmer-to customer tradition that began years ago. Becoming a member of the farm makes a statement for supporting local family farms that grow the highest quality food.

Your support is also a financial commitment. It enables us to prepare for the needs of the farm so that we can all enjoy the bounty for years to come. From June until October members will receive a 5/9 bushel box, equivalent to a full grocery bag from the farm’s bounty of fresh vegetables that are ripe and ready to be harvested that week.

We strive to provide a generous supply of incredibly fresh, seasonal vegetables each week, but since nature has no guarantees we cannot offer any either. CSA members experience the ebb and flow of seasonal vegetable farming. If a crop is plentiful and doing well we will be able to share plenty of this bounty. If a crop is not so abundant there will be less of it in the CSA share.

Each week members will receive a weekly email newsletter that will give insight as to what happened on the farm that week, what produce you will receive a few pictures and plenty of cooking and preparation methods. Your CSA share will include vegetables that you are familiar with and some that you may not be. To ensure that you take full advantage of the varieties in your share we include many basic every day methods to “bring out the dinner candles” methods.


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