Shoulders: As Strong as Your Weakest Link

5 Mar 2014


Are you a thumb-over-the-bar-cheater? (Yes, your thumbs should wrap around the bar, not hook over it). Do you bend your elbows during your kip swing? Are we always hollering at you to lock your arms out overhead? Here’s what you’re up to. If you are missing full range of motion in the shoulder, you may be compensating with bent elbows or thumbs over the pull up bar. Although this position can feel good, it’s NOT good. In your attempt to create more range of motion, you are sacrificing stability. As a result, your progress will be frozen. This also puts you at greater risk for injury. If this is you, it’s time to accept that your limited range of motion in the shoulder is requesting your attention. Don’t cheat on your shoulder range of motion. It could break up with you. And I hear those break ups are the worst!

6 Mar 2014

36 Sit-ups
26 Push-ups
16 Back Squats
6 Pull-unders


What are your thoughts?

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