Master Your Working Tools

9 March 2014


Always aspire to set new goals. Hunt slightly outside your comfort zone. Find new ways to expand your circle of due bounds. In order to do that you must first master your working tools. Of course, use the working tools currently in your tool box and master them. Seek to master everything in your arsenal. In this case less is more. So pick one and master IT! We as coaches are always looking at how to add more tools into your tool box when you are ready. So don’t worry about not having enough.

Become the master of all of your working tools. Take heed, however. Master one tool at a time. If blocking needs work… do work on blocking. If active shoulders need work… do work on active shoulders and so on. This will not only ensure that your overall goals are met but more importantly give you a clean, perfect stone to add to the foundation of CrossFit. The foundational movements are made of this: The 9 Key Movements.

1. Air squat
2. Front Squat
3. Overhead squat
4. Press
5. Push press
6. Push jerk
7. Dead lift
8. Sumo Dead Lift High Pull
9. Med Ball Clean

Carry on.

10 Feb 2014
Split Leg Deadlift
WU: 5,5,3 @ 40,50,60%
WS: 3,3,3 @ 70,80,90%

WOD: 14.2
KB Swings


What are your thoughts?

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