CrossFit Games Open NEWS FLASH

12 Mar 2014


The Open is great.  It’s cool to see where you stand amongst CrossFit athletes worldwide.  It feels fantastic to have your name on the leader board between someone 10 years younger than you from Russia and 15 years older than you from the neighboring town.  It’s awesome to see yourself achieve new PR’s and improve standings from last year. But IT IS NOT YOUR LIFE.

Yes, I said it.  It’s not your life, and it shouldn’t even encapsulate your CrossFit life.  If you find that all you do is one WOD all week, and that WOD happens to be the Open WOD, and you happen to be skipping out on class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because you’re still recovering from trying 14.infinity 700,000 times, you’re missing the point. The Open is simply a series of benchmark WODs for you to learn about your current capabilities and discover ones you didn’t know you had.  You should still be training throughout the week, staying on track with your current goals, eating clean and working hard. The Open should help you get focused.  It should by no means take over your every thought.

Chew on that with a piece of bacon.  Good stuff.

13 Mar 2014

WOD: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Deadlift (40% or less)
Sit Ups


What are your thoughts?

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