Happiness is Mobility

Designed by Mr. Smiley Face

How well do you maintain a positive attitude? Positive energy and good will tend to be contagious in groups. We should hear you yelling out positive and constructive statements not only in the box but outside of it. “That was AWESOME!” “Outstanding!” or “You’re my hero!” type comments that should be hurled at one another like beads at Mardi Gras. As coaches, we love to see you do work. Especially when we can hear you loving to hate the WOD’s out loud. The suck factor is always on. No doubt about it. What are you doing to make it suck less? Stay positive and share the positivity. Nobody likes a stingy human. Be loud! Be proud! Hell yeah!

PS. Yoga Thursdays! Oohhhhmmmmmmm…

27 March 2014

Rope Climb X 5
Row 750 X 2


10 Squat Cleans (55# 95#)
20 Sit-ups
30 DU’s


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