Get It Poppin’

15 April 2014

Prescribed.  We all want to do as the CrossFit “Doctor” orders. However, what’s more important than an Rx’d WOD, is a WOD performed with good form at your highest level of intensity. Remember to build up to doing your WOD’s prescribed, and listen to your Coaches :).

Part of your personal reward/motivation should include recording your WOD time next to your name on the whiteboard at the box.  Hold yourself accountable.  Be proud of what you do.  Oh yes – and most importantly: BE HONEST with yourself and others.  If you’re still on a band for pull-ups, for example, your WOD was not Rx’d.  If you skipped even just one rep on the last round, your WOD was not Rx’d.  If you fully intended to do each rep at full range of motion, but you know you did not succeed, your WOD was not Rx’d.  Give yourself something to achieve.  Hold high standards. Model those standards for others. That way, when you do Rx a WOD you can feel like Wonder Woman!


16 April 2014

WU: 5,5,3@ 40,50,60%
WS: 10,8,6@ 65,70,75%

WOD: For Time
8 Rounds of “Cindy”



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