22 April 2014

adapt definition

Back at the very first Trodo Games in October 2013, teams were required to do a large amount of rope climbs in the first WOD.  The box that hosted the event had ropes that few of us had ever climbed before.  The traction was slick at best, and girth was thin.  The first trip up was a shock. What to do? Adapt.  If we continued to use the same methods we use at our own box, on our own predictable and comfortable ropes, we would fail. The only choice was to assess, adapt and act.  And the Outpost CrossFit teams did just that.

Adaptability is a sign of strength.  When the unknown and unknowable surface, we must adapt to recognize the only thing we can control is ourselves.  When you are faced with a life-threatening situation; when circumstances are less than comfortable; when you simply don’t have your favorite pillow, you adapt.  Action is faster and more effective than reaction.  Take action in all you do, never quit.

WU: 5-5-3 @ 40, 50, 60%
WS: 10-8-6 @65, 70, 75%

3 Power cleans
5 Burpees over the bar
7 Chin Ups



What are your thoughts?

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