24 April 2014

When things are simply intended for you – when the alignment of life events is just right – when you’re confident you have chosen correctly, acted wisely, and behaved honestly – things tend to come full circle.

Maybe you did 12.4 last year and dropped it out of your mind entirely. Or, maybe you did it last year and swore to yourself that by “next year” you would have your muscle up, double unders or perfect on-target wall balls mastered. Maybe you’ve worked hard all year attending to these goals among many others.  Maybe you’ve dreamt about these glorious moments, maybe you wrote about them, maybe you nailed them already, maybe they are on the brink of becoming reality.  And if not, maybe THIS is the year you are drawing your circle.  A straight line may go on infinitely; but a circle has the capacity for velocity and centrifugal force.  Whatever your place in the process, keep on the quest to complete your full circle.


25 April 2014


WU: 5,5,3@ 40,50,60%
WS: 10,8,6@ 65,70,75%

WOD: 12 min AMRAP
8 T2B
8 Push Ups
8 OH Lunge (4 L/R) w/plate


What are your thoughts?

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