Today is the Day!

30 April 2014


Today is the day of your new beginning.  Set your goals.  What will you accomplish this month that you couldn’t do last month? Schedule your next race.  Sign up for your next competition. Master a new skill.  Though change is upon us, we are a united community of CrossFitters with common goals.  Make this time about being better today than you were yesterday. Outpost will help you.

To all those that lent a hand during this enormous transition, we thank you.  David, Shauntea, Jorge, Carla, Lisa, Steve C, Steve L, Jeff, Rose, Susan, Ruby, Christine, Mike, Beth B, Matt, Ky, and any of you I may have missed, THANK YOU.  We are building a dream box, and your fingerprints are on it.  Thanks for putting in work to make this day possible!

Get your butts to the box! Let’s get at it!

1 May 2014

Conditioning: EMOM, 10 mins
10 KB Swings

WOD: 21-15-9
Candlestick Burpees
Wall Balls


What are your thoughts?

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