Hybrid Training (Bootcamp)

1 May 2014

87 year old Gymnast Joanna Quaas.

Here’s a little write up on Joanna Quaas if you would like to learn more about AWESOME!

At Outpost CrossFit, you are all referred to as athletes. You are all recognized as CrossFitters. As coaches, we ensure the physiological and psychological thresholds of our athletes are met. In our Hybrid Training (Bootcamp), effective modification and scaling are the name of the game. CrossFit is for you to excel at what ever your athletic skill level. Whether you are a Fire Breather who has a sub 2:30 Fran time or just getting started at Outpost CrossFit, Hybrid Training provides myriad advantages for all levels of training. As you will see below the Hybrid Training (Bootcamp) is parenthesis. 

Hybrid Training (Bootcamp) in parentheses.

2 May 2014

Conditioning: Tabata:
20″ Box Jumps (10-12″)
KB Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls


5 (1) HSPU’s
10 (5) Chin Ups
20 (10) KB Swings
40 (20) Sit Ups
20 (10) KB Swings
10 (5) Chin Ups
5 (1) HSPU’s

Cool Down: Row 150M (75M)


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