Start It Off Right

4 May 2014

I was inspired by Jeniy’s resiliency this past Saturday. In class she took a tumble off a 20″ box. She got right back up with a smile on and a champion spirit.

Start your morning off right. Sart your workday off right. Start your evening off right. Start everything with a positive attitude and keep working hard. Yes. You will fail. And you will get up and do it again.


Strength: Push Press
Find 1 Rep Max [1RM]
WU: 5,5,5 @ 55
WS: 5,5,5 @ 55,65,75% [1RM]

WOD: 10 Min. APRAP
(Hybrid Training: Rest 30 to 60 sec. between rounds)

(8) 10 K2E
(10) 12 Back Extensions


What are your thoughts?

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