13 May 2014

Trodo October

The box is all a-buzz about the Trodo Games coming up this weekend! As athletes we prepare for competition and the drive to excel grows strong.  We practice movements, use visualization, strategize, and focus on our performance.

As your Coaches, we see this as one competition weekend of many.  Make competing  a part of your athletic training.  “Put yourself out there” as the Trodo motto goes.  We are training you for more than just one competition. We want you to have the endurance to increase your athletic abilities for the rest of your life.  That’s true lasting power.  Be better today than yesterday, no matter what level you’re at.  Get at it!


14 May 2014

Skill: Snatch Balance
Women: 8-7-6 @ 35, 45, 55
Men: 8-7-6 @ 55, 65, 75

WOD: 3/5 RFT
8 KB Swings
7 KB-Weighted Sit Ups
6 KB Goblet Squat


What are your thoughts?

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