True Grit and Tough Goodbyes

18 May 2014

Outpost CrossFit Team 2: Ryan Poole, Heather Paas, Michael Paas, Ruby Taday

Outpost CrossFit Team 2: Ryan Poole, Heather Paas, Michael Paas, Ruby Taday; 4th Place Overall in Trodo Games 5.2014

This weekend’s Trodo Games served as a testament to Outpost Athletes and our true grit. All the Outpost Athletes hit the ground running and put forth amazing effort with great results.  We kept up our reputation for solid form and endless heart! In addition to that, Saturday’s competition marked the final day that we would have Coach Michael and Heather as part of our box community.  Showing that grit, Coach Michael and Heather demonstrated their dedication as athletes by competing at the Trodo Games in the final hours they had before moving away!  On Friday, they packed their belongings and shipped them out.  On Saturday, they competed as a team with Outpost, slung their bags over their shoulders and drove out of state. Their performance was nothing short of inspiring, and their choice to participate in the last hours they would share with Outpost CrossFit was meaningful, to say the least.  We will miss them greatly and wish them all the best in the future. Thanks to so many of you, for coming out to support Outpost teams, cheer them on, and say goodbye.  It was fantastic to see past members from The Cave and current Outpost CrossFit members cheer side by side for these great people.  In the end, we’re all one community.


19 May 2014

Strength: Push Press
WU: 5-5-3@ 40, 50, 60%
WS: 3-3-3 @ 70, 80, 90%

6 Ball Slams
7 Incline Push Up
8 Russian Twist

(Hybrid class: 3 Rounds only)


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