Seriously! Best Pancakes Ever!

19 May 2014

It’s Coach Sophia here, and today I made and enjoyed the best pancakes ever.  No lie. For realsies. Perhaps you might say I’m just a culinary genius.  Most often when I cook, I use a recipe as a loose guideline, picking and choosing what I think sounds good, what I know mixes well, and in the end I come up with a hybrid between my own opinions and someone else’s.  This time, I didn’t. So, I will give credit where it’s due: the recipe comes from the site Revolution From Home.  This is the closest I have ever stayed to following a recipe, and I was thoroughly satisfied!  This delicious morning treat uses some of the old Paleo standbys we know and trust.  It also uses an ingredient that’s getting some attention lately: Spelt.  You most likely won’t have this lying around the house, but you can easily find it at Woodman’s (aisle 21) or even the organic section at  most Jewel stores.  Read up on it.  Then purchase, mix, and enjoy.

Follow the directions.  You won't be disappointed.

Follow the directions. You won’t be disappointed.

20 May 2014
Hang Power Snatch
5-5-5-5-5 @ 75%

15 Box Jumps
10 Pull Ups
After 3 Rounds, then 1 Ascent


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