Big Gains

28 May 2014


The running has paid off! Carla has been giving me great feedback on her #gains. Murph is the latest PR to make another notch her Oly belt.

Beth has been making great strides as well. +30# gains at certain lifts. Get at it!

This Saturday, join up before class (7:30am) at the Fraternal Order of Police Social Lodge 266 “Outrun The Cops” event.

Pamela and Yvette are starting a Cat 3 team. Way to put yourself on the board you two!

We started off the year with a big bang and big gains. I’m excited to see the numbers go up on that white board!

Stay frosty.

29 May 2014

2 Rounds of:
6 Jumping Lunges
7 Pull Ups
8 KB Swings

12 Walking Lunge
5 Push Press
5 Push Jerk


What are your thoughts?

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