Sunday Funday


29 June 2014

Being fit has it’s perks! Sunday Funday can be filled with sports and recreation and you’ll never have to stop to say “I’m too tired”.

1. Play some golf
2. Go on a hike
3. Paddleboard
4. Go canoeing
5. Eat a huge meal and enjoy a drink 🙂
6. Go swimming
7. Play a pick-up soccer game
8. Shower (optional)
9. Grill out
10. Go to a concert

What’s on YOUR Sunday Funday list?

30 June 2014

Bench Press
WU: 5-5-3@ 40, 50, 60%
WS: 12-10-8 @60, 70, 80%

Wall Ball
Snatch (55%, 65%, 75%)


What are your thoughts?

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