Second Pull Mastery

4 August 2014

Mastering the second pull is an epic battle. Rich (pictured below) demonstrates the efficiency of the second pull of the Clean keeping the bar close to the body as it travels through time and space. The most efficient path for the bar to travel is a straight line. The body must bend and contort to minimize its imposed intrusiveness on the bar’s path or flight line.

Shoulders shrugged high. Notice the hip extension and delayed elbow.

Prior to the second pull, gravity is inching the bar downward at a constant 9.8m/s^2 (that’s meters per second squared (about 32.174 ft/s2, or 21.937 mph/s)) and must be overcome by the safest functional movement to pick up dead weight; the Deadlift. Slow, steady effort is applied to bring the bar off the ground and defy gravity.

Barbell rising. Elbows quickening towards the bar. Beginning descent to receive UNDER the bar.

Like a two stage rocket, the First pull acts as a primary locomotor bringing dead weight off the ground. Meanwhile, accelerating the bar to the Second Pull (or second stage, if you will). This is where the bar meets space with an explosive hip extension. The Second Pull sends the bar into its micro-orbit and irregular flight path. This phenomenon has been recorded at Outpost with the patented “Coaches Eye” Technology.  If traced, the bars path begins to resemble an outline of the dorsal section of a minnow. Moreover, working the Second Pull will match the weight of your First Pull 1, 3, 5RM Deadlift. If you can comfortably DL 310 lbs. your Hang Clean (Second Pull) should also be 310 lbs. Comfortably.

5 Aug 2014


KB Swing
Goblet Squat Hold

100 Push Ups




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