Post WOD Nutrition

5 August 2014

You had a great day! You crushed the WOD(s). Hi fives the crap out of everyone. What do you put into your stomach after all this work? “After exercise we have a phenomenon called ‘non insulin mediated glucose transport”. It’s a period of time in which we can transport glucose, protein, and amino acids into the muscle. The optimum time post-workout for this is less than 15 minutes, it’s still good at 30 min, and almost back to baseline by an hour. Timing is critical if you want the maximize the effect. The use of insulin to achieve maximal absorption is minimal. Also, improved recovery is a result. Heavy WODs or multiple WOD’s require more carbs.  Be sure to invest up to 50% of the day’s carbs into the post-workout.



6 August 2014

Skill: Double Unders
Handstand holds

7 Box Jumps
7 Pull-ups (strict)


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