Pre-WOD Nutrition Tips

18 August 2014

Tailor the Paleo Made Simple to your needs. For example, If you have low blood pressure eat more carbs.

Working out in a fasted state is much different from working out 2-3 hours after you eat. Performing a hard metabolic conditioning workout in a fasted state causes a cortisol response and can lead to increased body fat. “Eating 2-3 hours before a workout is great if you can work out in the middle of the morning or the middle of the afternoon, what are the rest of us supposed to do?”

This is where it gets very personal.  The pre-workout “snack” should have some carbs and fat, maybe some protein, and should be eaten about 30 minutes before working out.  This is the one time when protein isn’t as important, but if you want to eat some protein, go for it.  High glycemic carbs, such as fruit works well for many people here.  The most important thing is to find something that’s easily digestible and not going to sit heavy.

So how should this look?  Almond butter and blueberries is a quick and easy one, so is an apple or an orange. – (Some excerpts from CrossFit Forest)

19 Aug 2014


15 Barbell Pwr cleans
15 Barbell Push Press
15 Barbell Back Squats
15 Barbell Good morninG

Gymnastics technique: Pistols

5 Ring Push ups
10 OH Lunges (5 L/R, 25/45#)


What are your thoughts?

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