Meet Zacharias Center

28 Aug 2014


This Sunday’s Sexual Abuse/Assault Awareness Fundraiser is fast approaching! One of the recipients of our event is Zacahrias Sexual Abuse Center in Gurnee.  Zacharias Center is dedicated to survivors’ health and recovery by providing varied services. Here is a description of their mission in their own words:

Zacharias Center Mission:

“To provide a place where survivors of sexual assault and abuse can heal and mobilize the community toward action to end violence.”

Our Vision:

To create a community free from sexual violence.

Our Philosophy:

Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center seeks to provide quality, comprehensive, client-centered services to survivors of sexual assault and abuse. These services are provided in partnership with the survivor in the spirit of equality, free from judgment or oppression.

We believe that the women, men, and children we serve are entitled to respect, accessible services, privacy, empowerment, and advocacy.

ZCenter’s services are free and available to all survivors regardless of race, gender, language, ability, sexual orientation, or religion.

ZCenter seeks to be an active presence in the community to speak up in support of and in partnership with all survivors of sexual violence. ZCenter provides services to the community at large and to other professionals and service providers to enhance the understanding of the impact of sexual violence on everyone.”

Please join us on Sunday to help survivors have access to top notch services provided by the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center and Zacharias Center.  All survivors need to be heard. Give Them a Voice!


29 Aug 2014

Split Leg Deadlift (half right, half left)
WU: 4-4-4 @25% 1RM DL
WS: 6-6-6-6-6, begin @ 30% 1RM DL, increase each set

8 Wall Balls
8 Pull Ups


What are your thoughts?

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