4 September 2014


Days like this at the box are priceless! Tip of the hat to all the OPCF athletes. Putting in 120%. No excuses. No regrets. Breaking parallel. Locking out. Intensity. Staying in the fight.
Today we saw:
A lot of hustle!
A lot of heart!

The blood, sweat and tears shared with your box brothers and sisters is part of this unique experience we call CrossFit.

We coach athletic autonomy. We just sit back, kick off the training wheels and watch you going 200 miles an hour with faces of stone.

Keep your ears open and leave your egos at the door, athletes. You have raised the bar again.

Sotts Press:
(30% less than Press 1RM)
WU: 5,5,3 @ 40,50,60%
WS: 5,5,5 @ 65,75,85%

WOD: 12-12-12
Back extension
Decline Push up


What are your thoughts?

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