Member Spotlight: Gabi

24 September 2014


This is a repost. It worth telling because we have many Outpost members who are currently living around the world. Most got their start in CrossFit at Outpost. Gabi is one of them. Her handsome beau has since made Chief and they are now living on the Left Coast (California). She really got over a lot of fears and pushed herself. Hard charger for real! We miss you Gabi!


“3 December 2013

Gabi merely found Outpost CrossFit near the tail end of her hubby’s rotation. She’s been motivated and dedicated since day one. She’s very positive and hilarious to boot! And now… she’s shipping out San Diego for a three year stint with her family. Maybe you’ll be a CFL1 by the time we visit! All the best and good luck to your new beginnings at your old digs!”

WOD: “Gabi’s Last Climb” (with a burpee twist)


10 Burpees
15 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
25 Squats
1 Ascent upon completion



What are your thoughts?

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