Get out and WOD!

5 Oct 2014
Above: Representing at CrossFit Barefoot, Nashville TN

Vacationing? Get out and WOD! Traveling for work? Get out and WOD! Is your box closed today? Get out and WOD! The community of CrossFit is diverse and varied. Wherever you are, you can likely find a box to visit. The best part? Every single one is different. You’ll learn something. You’ll share something. You’ll make new acquaintances. You may even PR! Go visiting. Represent your home box. It’ll do you some good!

Welcome back Taylor! He’ll be heading out to celebrate his birthday with a WOD at Outpost. Come join him this evening!

6 Oct 2014

WU: 5-5-5@ 60%
WS: 3-3-3-3-3 (est 3 rep max)

WOD: Taylor’s Bday WOD! 16-14-12-10-8
Ball slams


What are your thoughts?

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