12 Oct 2014


Waukegan teachers: Sunday the 12th is a big day! We truly hope an agreement on remaining issues can be found. As we root for you, we’d also like to help directly. Starting Friday Oct 17, we’re inviting you to join Outpost for one free week! Why? We support you and appreciate you. You need a place to release your stress, build your strength, and connect with your community. That place is here.

Owner and Head Coach Ismael Rosa served as a Waukegan teacher himself in years past and understands the stressors and challenges you are facing. Since the day he opened Outpost, Ismael has offered a 15% discount to traditional classroom teachers, and continues to do so. In this difficult time, 15% isn’t enough. That’s why Outpost chooses to open our doors to you for free!

Between Friday Oct 17and Friday Oct 24, you can participate in all classes Outpost has to offer including Yoga! Spread the word. The offer stands regardless of strike or reconciliation. See you at Outpost!


13 Oct 2014

WOD: Ray’s bday WOD

6 mins to establish box jump PR

Rest 2 mins, Then:

4 sets of 5 thrusters @ 75%

8 min AMRAP
5 squats
10 Candlesticks

What are your thoughts?

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