Vegan Athlete

16 Nov 2014

Jim Morris, Pictured at age 61

Jim Morris, Pictured at age 61

Meat, meat, meat! We in CrossFit always seem to be talking about meat to eat.  One: we’re hungry.  Two: we need protein to fuel these machines called our bodies.  However, carnivorous habits aren’t the only option for feeding and building all that mass. Though genetics does play a role, as it does in everything from physiology and biology to behavior, if you’re built for it, you can have great success not only as a Vegetarian athlete, but even as a Vegan athlete.

Jim Morris is a success story on two fronts: a master’s bodybuilding champion and a Vegan bodybuilding champion. What’s his secret? He doesn’t quite reveal. (We’re sure a book with his daily meal plans for a year would sell big.  Just sayin’).  He does, however, give some spot-on advice regarding health in this country that gives us a glimpse into the key to his success.

“Health and well being are a way of life. Not a certain diet or set of exercises or any other single area, but a combination of all the aspects of your life. Accept full responsibility for yourself, your health and your choices. The western civilization culture is anti health in that it is designed to produce profit, not health. Read up on epigenetics. You control more of the genes which differentiate you from other humans than you realize. You are your own creator and creation.” – Jim Morris


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