Motivation: CrossFit Through the Eyes of a 5yr. Old

10 December 2014

This deserves a repost. Two years ago. Oldie but a goodie!

One of our youngest CrossFitters at the box, Annabel, has been tirelessly training her box jumps. She has been following her parents every move since the first time she saw this move in a WOD. She is super motivated and has been known to be drawn to strong female role models such as her mother. She’s especially fond of Coach Sophia.

As her time and exposure of CrossFit increases so does her attention to detail. Although she has not had too much direct instruction (as she is, physiologically speaking, in very good form), she has developed an understanding of her favorite exercise: the box jump! She’s up to a 20″ box. She’s catching up to us adults that use the height for class!

Rock and roll, Annabel. When I grow up I want to be just like her!


What are your thoughts?

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