Is CrossFit for Everyone?

7 Jan 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 8.16.31 PM

This subject has been covered from top to bottom and side to side by both proponents and opponents of the CrossFit methodology.  The CrossFit community always begins to buzz right about now about the sport’s global competition, The CrossFit Games, that begins in a few weeks. It seems that CrossFit Inc. is helping more athletes have access to the competitive side of the sport by revamping qualifying categories, allowing more athletes than ever to feel included and capable of participating. Among the changes we will see this year are the addition of a teen division and a scaled division.  (Masters divisions have been in play for quite a few years already). If you were on the fence about signing up, this may be just the push you need to pull the trigger.  Outpost CrossFit will be participating in The CrossFit Open again this year, our 4th in a row. Join us!


What are your thoughts?

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