C’mon, get HAPPY!

13 Jan 2015

There have been countless years dedicated to the psychology of depression, mental disorders, and all things wrong with the human condition.  Recently we learned of some ground-breaking, positive minded psychologists that have broken into the mainstream with their research on the condition of happiness! It’s finally time to hear about what makes happy people happy.

So how does one become truly happy? Think about your answer for a second.  Is it “the American dream?” A new car? A better job? A bigger paycheck? If you think so, it’s time to reevaluate your goals.  As it turns out, physical activity is the key to happiness!  Oh – and physical activity in a supportive group environment works best! So c’mon, get happy at Outpost!!

Our New Year’s Resolution Special is STILL AVAILABLE! Join up now and climb that ladder to your own personal happiness.



What are your thoughts?

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