DON’T Dress to Impress

17 Feb 2015


Wasted guy pretending to weightlift

Always wear the right gear for the occasion. (Photo credit: craig.hamnett)


Many of you are stepping up your game at the box with new PR’s, new goals and new and improved bodies. Some of you are also getting some fresh new gear to go along with your new badassness. While you dress for the box, try to consider FUNCTION over fashion. Here are some tips:


  • Stay “dry”. Look for moisture wicking T’s and socks. (They stink less too).
  • Stay covered. Skin tight is all good, but be SURE your clothes actually cover your parts. You need to keep focused on your mechanics, not on hiking up sliding pants or tucking in “the girls” or “boys”.
  • Be ready for anything. There might be rope climbs in the warm up or deadlifts in the WOD. Always pack your knee high socks.
  • Chose an all around functional shoe. Beginners on a budget can consider Chuck Taylor’s.


Remember, you’re here to work hard, so dress to work hard.  All those other nifty little accessories like headbands, wrist wraps, gloves, etc are all well and good – as long as you already have the basics covered. Looking for a good lifting shoe? Check out Inov8’s, Reebok, Nike and Adidas.  They all have some to offer.




What are your thoughts?

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