An update to our Athletes, Family, and Friends

Dear Outpost Family and Friends:

It is with mixed emotions that we write to you on this day, 4th of May 2019, to share the following information. As you may have already become aware, the neighboring business, AB Specialty Silicones, suffered a catastrophic industrial accident last night where, sadly, lives were lost. Thankfully, there were also many heroes, quick-thinking personnel, and First Responders on the scene that were able to avert an even larger loss of life. We sincerely ask that you keep the families of those that did not survive in your thoughts and also ask that you send positive vibes to those who are hanging on to life at area hospitals.

It has been determined that due to the significant structural damage to our building, Outpost CrossFit will be unusable for the foreseeable future. It is with extreme sadness and with heavy hearts that we must announce that effective immediately, all memberships will be halted until further notice.

At a time like this it is difficult to put into words how our community will be impacted. Whether you feel denial, grief, confusion, or anger we ask that you reach out to friends and family at this time. Continue to be that self-supporting and encouraging community that cares, that shares, and that dares to be good to your neighbor.  Your Outpost has always been a place where relationships and purpose are forged through challenging environments and by being a safe place where individuals become one family. Your Outpost is a state of mind; the obstacle IS the way. Push through to achieve your next evolution. Everyone tries. No one quits (E1T N1Q).

We will be sure to keep you posted on the future and look forward to seeing you all again, very, very soon. Until then, be the light that helps others see.

Warm regards,

Sophia and Ismael

Ismael sits on the Board of Directors for the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center and is a substitute teacher at Warren Township High School O’Plaine campus. Sophia is an ERP Analyst at Luxor Industries and a Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor in Lake County.

What are your thoughts?

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