Mash Potato Bacon Bombs!

3 March 2015 Food! I love food. We all love to eat food. Try Mash Potato Bacon Bombs! Recipe HERE

Grin and Bear It

25 Feb 2015 You know why you’re here, so get to it! Your goal is to be stronger. Better. Smarter. And harder to kill. Bear down!

Raise the Bar

19 Feb 2015 There’s nothing quite like a barbell over your head. You know you got it there, and you because of that, tomorrow you’ll be stronger than today. Raise the bar.

DON’T Dress to Impress

17 Feb 2015     Many of you are stepping up your game at the box with new PR’s, new goals and new and improved bodies. Some of you are also getting some fresh new gear to go along with your new badassness. While you dress for the box, try to consider FUNCTION over fashion….