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Santa’s AMRAP

24 Dec 2014 Santa’s got a long Amrap to do tonight: deliver gifts, repeat; deliver gifts, repeat until all work is done! We’re closed today and tomorrow to help him deliver his best for his performance! Enjoy your feast, family and friends. See you Friday!

De-load and Schedule

21 Dec 2014 Scale back this week. Enjoy Christmas. Enjoy love, family, and gratitude. Enjoy who you are, today in this very moment. Monday and Tuesday schedule is as always. Closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Back at it on Friday! Thank you for being you.

When Should I Workout?

9 Dec 2014   MORNING WORKOUT BENEFITS:   Workouts before breakfast can burn more body fat (the calories you burn remain the same). Morning workouts can kick-start your metabolism for the whole day.  In short, you can burn more calories during your regular daily activities. The release of hormones in response to your workout can…