Elbows in!

24 Feb 2015 Elbows in on push ups sets you up for success in many other coveted gymnastics skills. Muscle up anyone? Chest to bar pull ups? I bet you could name a few all on your own. So get those elbows in tight! Win the fight! (Good work 4pm class!)

Thumbs Around the Bar

23 Feb 2015 When gripping any bar, be it the pull up bar or the barbell, wraps your thumbs. Hooking your thumbs over the top of the pull up bar does two things: compensate for shoulder mobility limitations and create and insecure grip. We all know grip strength is key, as is shoulder mobility. Wrap…

Raise the Bar

19 Feb 2015 There’s nothing quite like a barbell over your head. You know you got it there, and you because of that, tomorrow you’ll be stronger than today. Raise the bar.

It’s Personal

15 Feb 2015 Your relationship with training is highly personal. It’s just you and your goals. You have to know how you think, what you fear, and what you’re motivated by. You have to listen to your Coach, ask questions, and apply. You have to listen to yourself. Center yourself. Change yourself. Today you must…