Yoanna Yoga

Yoga for Recovery

Saturdays: 11am

Offered to both Outpost members and the public, this class focuses on gentle yoga techniques to encourage recovery, healing, and mobility. In addition, class often includes a theme that integrates mind/body/spirit unity. Perfect for all levels of practitioners. Drop-ins welcome for $15.


 Yoanna Yoga

Sophia Rosa, RYT


Outpost is the home for Yoanna Yoga.  Practicing since 2013 and certified in 2016, Sophia shares her practice with all levels of practitioners.  Her passion for serving the community of Survivors led her to specialize with a certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga in 2017.  All Sophia’s classes focus on establishing safety within the body, physical tools to manage the mind, and inspiration for the spirit. Participants can come away with techniques to live life better, following suit with Outpost’s mission, which she co-owns with Husband Ismael Rosa, II. She and Ismael are proud parents to 3 lovely children, Dino, Madeleine, and Myles.


Sophia Rosa, RYT-200 is certified through Blue Sun Yoga. She also holds a specialization certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga through Transcending Trauma Through Yoga,  in Irvine California.




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